Comic Movies Opening This Weekend, October 19
October 19, 2007

You’ve probably heard that 30 Days of Night is opening this weekend, based on the comic franchise of the same name. (10-Second Comic Review: clever concept, paled quickly, most memorable to me because I sold my original miniseries copies on ebay for over $100.) Movie reviews are all over the board, with horror fans seeming much more charitable than those from the general audience. I won’t be seeing it.

What am I interested in seeing, if it comes to my area when it opens nationwide in two weeks, is Wristcutters: A Love Story, since it’s based on the same source material as Pizzeria Kamikaze, a graphic novel I enjoyed. The NY Times review is intriguing, too.

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hcduvall writes:  

While I’m not a big horror fan myself, I did catch a preview of 30 Days of Night and have to say it was pretty good. Maybe not for a general audience per se, but if anyone is a fan of the genre and was lukewarm because of the graphic novel (Like Johanna says, clever concept, visually great, but thin), the story has been beefed up. Been a while since I read it, but the movie is less than horror chasing people and more besieged town(zombie-style), so it got to linger and flesh out the townsfolk and characters more.

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for the mini-review! I appreciate hearing about it.

Lew writes:  

Hi Johanna.
You missed what was really a great movie. I did a review on my blog, but this movie really buildt the terror factor up and was really relentless horror. The Vampires were not pretty, and there would be no romantizing them here in this vehicle. When it is available on DVD, give it a view, I think you might be surprised.


Johanna writes:  

I would be surprised if I liked it — I can’t take horror! But glad to hear it was so successful for you.


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