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TwoMorrows will launch BrickJournal, a magazine for Lego enthusiasts, in February 2008. It’s been self-published before digitally, so it’s more of a pickup, but to promote the deal, they’re offering a free download of the latest online issue. Previous digital issues are $4 each for PDF, and the new #1 will be $11. (That seems high to me, but I’m not a Lego fan.) Visit for more information and samples.

Wanna make money writing about comics? Comics publisher and small press distributor Secret Acres pays $100 per piece of critical writing they accept for their “Critical Ends” section. See their submission guidelines for details, but they don’t want reviews, only essays or articles on comic theory.

Archie Comics sucks for trying to whitewash their history. They do this kind of thing all the time — it’s laughable to read a story where the characters are clearly carrying around tape recorders and see badly patched dialogue where they’re talking about their MP3 players. They don’t want the age of the stories known, which is a shame, because I would love to be able to compare then and now in terms of details and fixes.

This example is particularly terrible because they’re once again trying to cover up their atrocious treatment of their best modern artist, Dan DeCarlo. He created the characters of Josie, her cast, and Sabrina. Not only does Archie refuse to admit that, they have kept rightful credit and compensation from him and his family. That’s the reason we haven’t yet bought the Josie & the Pussycats DVD. Although it has a DeCarlo featurette, it reportedly whitewashes the issue as well. That’s what happens when you let companies write the histories.

Update: Dorian announces a boycott. Good idea, put your money behind your mouth, but I suspect most comic fans don’t read or pay attention to Archie anyway. (I’m one of only three reviewers online that cover them regularly, and I’m not sure about one of the others any more.) I’m not sure how to hit them in the pocketbook with their core audience of 10-year-olds and their parents.

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