Comic Creation by Committee

At Coalition Comix on MySpace, their Comic Books channel has joined with Virgin Comics to allow fans to determine the characteristics of a new comic.

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The first vote is for genre: fantasy, horror, spy thriller, or super hero. Mmm, I can see already that I’m not part of the target audience, since my reading these days is more character-driven and less easily categorizable. But you’ve got to start somewhere. Mike Carey is “Story Master”, guiding the audience, and eventual writer.

It’ll be interesting to see just how much influence fan input run amuck will have. Voting for the first round ends tomorrow, so get on board if you’re interested. I’m always expecting the worst with things like this — maybe this truly is a brand new world, and great things will come from it.

One Response to “Comic Creation by Committee”

  1. Val Says:

    Oh, zombies. We need more zombie comics.




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