In His Likeness: Meph and the Foxy Lady

It’s the return of Minicomic Monday with an update. When I last talked about In His Likeness, one of the items I covered was a minicomic featuring devilette Meph as an old-fashioned private detective. Now, author James Hatton has released a new entry in the same series: The Case of the Foxy Lady. And this one is a “Choose Your Own Adventure”!

Hatton’s usual iconic circles are joined here by an expanded visual vocabulary. Meph has a fedora-like hat perched over his horns, while the femme fatale is the outline of a fox head. (Hatton: not above obvious puns. Still funny.) Her diamond has been stolen, and Meph is going to find out by whom.

That’s when the reader comes in. As Meph tells us, “some choices will solve the case. Others will lead to my horrible and painful demise…. Please pick wisely. Pretty please?” He might wind up in jail, or with broken bones, or there might be a death or a wedding. And the other characters cameo briefly. Silly but amusing, and the different options sum up different kinds of lives.

By the way, the webcomic has a new RSS feed that reliably delivers the comic and James Hatton’s comments as well. Go subscribe!

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