The Missing Page From Hawkgirl #66

For historical purposes, although I’m a little late pointing this out… I thought the last issue of the ended Hawkgirl series, #66, wasn’t a bad read, even though I hadn’t been following the series.

However, the very kind Walter Simonson, writer of the issue, pointed out something I had overlooked. I felt like an idiot, until I realized that most other readers missed it as well. There was a page of dialogue missing from the printed issue.

On page 19 was supposed to appear the following:


2. Kendra: It really is over then.

3. Carter: With Hath-set gone, whatever magic was keeping his secret temple secure has failed.

4. Kendra: And the temple failed with it.

5. Kendra: So…what now?

6. Carter: I’ve joined the JSA.

7. Carter: For the time being, at least, I’m giving up teaching in St. Roch.

8. Kendra: Oliver will be disappointed.

It is surprising that it wasn’t noted by someone… but maybe people are just used to some incoherency from their superhero comics. (Although the wonderful Walt is enough of a master that that’s not usually a feature of his work.) Or maybe people were distracted by the lovely art of the heroes flying. Or maybe no one pays as much attention to a last issue as they should.

Anyway, here’s what it should have looked like.

2 Responses to “The Missing Page From Hawkgirl #66”

  1. Steve Flanagan Says:

    There was an issue of Hellblazer recently (about 4 months ago?) that had exactly the same problem.

  2. Johanna Says:

    True, except that one they reprinted and replaced the error copies. This one will apparently be corrected in the collection.




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