KC on Fill-Ins

KC has another new column gig — he’s writing for mail order company Westfield Comics. His first topic is fill-in issues: why, how, when, and some of the most memorable. (If that link doesn’t take you to the column, scroll down until you find the little “More Features” link in the right-hand column, above the ebay logo. Click that, then click on the box that says “KC’s Column”. But it’s worth it, if only to find out the real story behind Koko.)

6 Responses to “KC on Fill-Ins”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    That was a great column. I remember KC showing me the Koko page. I love the fact there is an ‘offical’ page out there that drives continuity whores nuts. Thanks for the link.

  2. Skipper Pickle Says:

    Excellent! i’ve been a Westfield subscriber for, gosh, 20(!) years now, and (though he may not appreciate it) i will always remember KC best as the editor of the Westfield paper catalog.

    In fact, i think i have all of those issues stored in a box in the attic….

  3. Rob S. Says:

    Koko! Koko! Koko!

    Thanks for the link; I’d never made the connection between the 70s new blood and the Dreaded Deadline Doom before.

  4. josh Says:

    it’s great to have kc back in the fold… even if i found out about it here!

  5. James Schee Says:

    Great article! It is weird how things have changed, especially when it comes to fill-ins.

    There’s another joke to be had in there about how he could tell the difference between the job as editor and pooper scooper. Yet I won’t go there.:)

  6. Johanna Says:

    Skipper: Just so long as you don’t want to store HIM in the attic! What a testament to customer service, that you’ve been with Westfield for decades.

    Glad everyone enjoyed it! I’ll be bringing more links in future.




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