Manga Page Updates

I’ve had a wonderful manga reading binge, and I’ve updated the following recommendation pages with reviews of the latest volumes:

  • Emma Book 5 reveals William’s parents’ love story and why his mother retired to the country.
  • In ES (Eternal Sabbath) Book 6, a handgun brings a new level of violent danger to family interactions.
  • Fruits Basket Book 17 is a turning point, with a major family secret revealed.
  • Kat & Mouse Book 3 sends the kids to the school’s winter dance, where jewelry is stolen and grudges are demonstrated.
  • Nana Book 7 continues to deepen the addictive soap opera with new twists and turns in Nana’s love life.
  • Tramps Like Us Book 13 is the installment long-time readers have been waiting for. I will say no more for fear of spoiling its gloriousness.

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