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My, my, so much going on!

The Gordon Lee case ended in a mistrial due to jury contamination that the defense is asserting was induced

on purpose, because we had a jury that looked more defense oriented. We’re prepared to quickly file a motion to argue that no new trial should be scheduled because this mistrial was intentional and constitutes prosecutorial misconduct.

It does seem that the prosecution shouldn’t get an infinite number of new chances and re-dos — a year and a half ago, “prosecutors dismissed and re-filed the charges because their facts were wrong.” Which makes them sound like idiots, albeit vengeful ones.

Steve Flanagan reminds us that today is Guy Fawkes Day, a peculiar British holiday dedicated to burning things and exploding as many fireworks as possible. He uses the day to discuss the use of sound effects in comics. Me, now I’ve got that “gunpowder, treason, and plot” couplet running through my head.

The Marvel costume contest winner was announced… and no surprise, it was the “professional booth babe” (as a previous commenter had it) dressed as green Phoenix.

I was wondering the other day what happened to Joanna Sandsmark (one of my roommates at my first ever San Diego con almost 15 years ago). The Howling Curmudgeons were kind enough to provide the answer: she’s got a new blog retelling old comic stories. She’s great at it!

I’m still attempting to gather information on the real facts of the Silver Bullet Comics rumors. It’s getting more confusing, not less, but I will persevere.

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