Perhapanauts Moves to Image

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Congratulations to Todd and Craig — The Perhapanauts are relaunching as an ongoing series at Image. I know they’ve wanted that structure for a while, instead of “series of miniseries”, and it’s perfect for this fun supernatural comedy-adventure. Go to their new forum to show your support, or check out the covers for the introductory Annual due in February.

3 Responses to “Perhapanauts Moves to Image”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Awesome news. I loved the first series.

  2. The Perhapanauts #1 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] first issue of Perhapanauts as a monthly continuing series has debuted from Image. I’m thrilled! The comic, about a group of monster fighters who are themselves weird […]

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    […] talked with writer Todd Dezago about the book’s recent move to Image Comics and how the series is put together. JDC: The Perhapanauts puts a unique twist on the classic comic […]




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