Another Good Sinfest

Today’s Sinfest comic has another superhero connection, with a Hulk reference I found quite amusing. It wasn’t until figuring out how to describe it that I realized just how subtle portraying God as a puppeteer was.

Plus, puppets -> always funny.

3 Responses to “Another Good Sinfest”

  1. Reeve Says:

    More of a manga connection than a superhero one, but there’s a Dragon Ball/Dragonball Z reference in there as well (the Super Sayajin thing)!

  2. Matt Blind Says:

    Sinfest is the BEST COMIC YOU’RE NOT READING. Well, not you Johanna, since you linked it, but all you other slackers out there need to add it to your bookmarks.

    I doubt it will ever make it to the newspapers (due to morally ambiguous and occasionally sacrilegious — or should I say ‘sacrilicious’ — content) but in terms of style and format this is the best newspaper-type strip out there. Reminds me of both Doonesbury and Bloom County in their prime, with a leavening of Pogo. And a healthy dose of lesbian she-devils.

  3. Scott Bieser Says:

    I love Sinfest and I’m convinced that the reason it can’t get published in newspapers is closely related to the reason why newspapers are dying.




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