Manga Page Updates: Hana-Kimi, ES, Kindaichi

I was several volumes behind on Hana-Kimi, but now I’m caught up through book 20. I’m sure glad this ends in three more installments, because it seems to have been going on forever! (While researching online to try and confirm my understanding of some of the events, I noticed the other sites I found gave up much earlier.) I am still eager to see the leads get together, though, after all this.

Thanks to the generous publisher, I got a sneak peek at the upcoming ES (Eternal Sabbath) Book 7. I was shocked and stunned at some of the revelations. The suspense continues to build as the characters try to stop the dangerous, powerful superchild.

I’m always thrilled to read a new Kindaichi Case Files, and “The Magical Express” is one of my favorites, due to the train setting and the use of magicians as suspects and their tricks as misdirection.

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