New Mavis Issue

I value consistency. (It’s a big part of my work as a copy editor.) So when I got this notice:

Mavis #5 ad

I was surprised to note that the latest issue of this intermittent series of specials was the same price, $3.50, as the last one, which came out in 2003. It’s not every product that keeps the same price for five years, especially in this era of comic inflation. (An extra dollar for a cardstock cover, Marvel? No, I don’t think I’ll buy that.)

The Mavis specials are fun reads, too. This one is order code NOV07 3546 and here’s the publisher description:

The 32-page issue will feature the story “Weird Eye for the Normal Guy,” in which Wolff & Byrd’s regular clients The Creeps start a business to teach regular folks how to be scary. (If this sounds familiar, the story will be an expanded version of the one that appeared earlier this year at As with any MAVIS issue, the bulk of the story revolves around Mavis’s personal life. This time she and her boyfriend go to an obligatory birthday party for the slacker brother of an old high school friend, and it turns out to be anything but a party.

I also thought it was cool that Mavis is based on Jessica Harper. I like her. Even cooler was that the character is specifically based on her portrayal in My Favorite Year, one of my favorite movies.

4 Responses to “New Mavis Issue”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Oooh for some reason I stopped reading Wolf & Byrd a few years back. I always loved Mavis and her specials though, so I may have to look for this.

  2. badMike Says:

    When you mentioned being a copy editor, I thought you were going to point out Mavis’ incorrect usage of the word “its.” It’s “it’s.”

  3. Johanna Says:

    Hah! I didn’t even notice. Bad me!

    Supernatural Law tends not to use periods in its word balloons, which means they’ve trained me not to read too closely, or I get annoyed.

  4. Tomorrow’s Comics Today » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] A Press has a new issue of Mavis, number 5. You can read the description here. […]




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