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Sean Kleefeld started me thinking about love by asking about seeking to date a comic fan. Hey, it worked for me… but let me say, it’s not the picnic you might think. It can be even more disappointing when someone who reads comics won’t try your favorite book because they don’t read that genre. But most of the time, it’s great, because they already understand something that’s deeply important to you.

However, the best dating advice is still, to my mind, “stop looking so hard”. I’ve dated several people I met at conventions or through comics, but it happened because we were both having fun together and decided to try and see if it could be something more, not because I was hunting for a comic reader specifically. And yes, I met KC at one (a show that otherwise was one of the worst cons I’d ever been to).

I do have to disagree with him when he says that “comic book conventions aren’t exactly prime hangouts for the fairer sex” — he’s going to the wrong cons, I think. It used to be more that way, when I started going to them in the early 90s, but now, the shows I enjoy have a lot of women and even couples.

If you do want to meet people, for whatever reason, at conventions, be open to opportunities. I had a great conversation with someone one year at Heroes while we were both waiting in line for a Warren Ellis signing. “How are you enjoying the show?” started us off, and then it was comparing experiences and what comics we liked and what news we’d heard there and so on. And of course, getting together with friends, online or otherwise, for dinners or gatherings will introduce you to new people as groups meet and merge.

Sean goes on to suggest an online dating service for comic fans. Once upon a time, I used to wonder if someone could make a LOT of money with an escort service at cons, but that’s aiming a bit lower.

Wow, that went on a bit. Let’s take a couple of shorter ones. First, someone’s rewritten the 80s indy hit “88 Lines About 44 Women” to be about fangirls. My favorite couplet?

Anna only loved the Doctor
Four and Nine and Five and Ten

Yep, those are the good ones. I’m impressed I recognized all the refs.

Next, I love my Prius, and Kelson explains why. He’s right, it’ll change the way you drive. It’s like driving a video game, paying attention to the miles-per-gallon indicators and trying to keep your numbers up. Plus, the benefit of getting 300+ miles to the tank, and that’s with it costing less than $20 to fill up the car, and having to do that only every couple of weeks or so even with daily driving.

And last, I can’t relate this to love, but it’s the best example I’ve seen lately of what they call failing upward.

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  1. Rob S. Says:

    I love that song (though I think I know the earlier version from Mood Swing) — and those new lyrics are terrific!

  2. Paul Sizer Says:

    Hey, I found true love at a comic convention, although (according to Jane) it only took me 3 years and nearly a baseball bat to the head to get me to acknowledge that I’d found it!

    We both had plenty of reservations with dating another comic creator, and decided pretty early on in our relationship to enact a “Big Honesty Clause”, meaning that when we asked each other for artistic opinions about our work, it was one artist asking another, no “Aw sweetie, EVERYTHING you do is awesome!” That’s what Moms are for. On one of our first dates, Jane showed me her cover sketch for the first Vogelein book, and I put a piece of tracing paper over it and showed her how to correct the perspective. She has also found numerous anatomy gaffes for me to correct in my books. It’s not an attack scenario, it’s just that we want each other’s stuff to look its best.

    We had some friends who had the same concern, but we’ve worked pretty hard to keep that line clear, and it’s worked out really well. So yes, it is possible to find true love anywhere; you just have to be open to it when it knocks (or bludgeons). : )

  3. Johanna Says:

    And y’all are just the cutest comic couple!

  4. Paul Sizer Says:

    I would say we know our place in the pecking order; we sat down the aisle from Dave and Raina at SPX, and holy crap, they RADIATE the “couple cuteness” vibe like an nuclear explosion! I mean, hell, I wanted to go give Dave hugs and kisses for crying out loud! They’re both just so cute I never had to leave the table for a sugar fix; it was right next to me!

    So Jane and I may have to settle for the silver on this one, but thanks for your vote!

  5. Kelson Says:

    Would you believe I got so distracted by the “88 Lines” filk last night that I didn’t even notice you’d linked to my post? :-)

    “Driving a video game” is a good way to put it. It really is interesting how just having that instant feedback screams for maximizing the numbers. (It reminds me of the explanation for why Slashdot doesn’t actually show users’ “karma” in numerical terms: they used to, and people would put a lot of effort into gaming the system.)

    If only it were under $20/tank here! Gas is up to around $3.50/gallon where I live, so even filling it up when it gets down to a quarter is pushing $30.

  6. Johanna Says:

    OK, you caught me – I didn’t remember to add your link until this morning. Gas here is almost $3 a gallon, but not quite yet.

  7. Kelson Says:

    Ah, okay. That explains the time on the pingback notification. Still, I read it late enough last night that I had no trouble believing I’d just been too tired to notice.

  8. badMike Says:

    My wife and I got a Prius a couple months ago. Actually, I think the best part about having one is the way it feels like the car completely dies while sitting at a red light. It’s the oddest feeling.

    And no, my wife doesn’t read comic books and that’s just fine.

  9. Johanna Says:

    My favorite thing is that it doesn’t have a key but it has a power button. And yeah, the first time I took friends out in it, one thought it had stalled out the first time we stopped.

  10. Classics Declassified | K-Squared Ramblings Says:

    […] This next one doesn’t really qualify as a classic, but here’s 88 Lines About 44 Fangirls, a filk based on “88 Lines About 44 Women.” (via Comics Worth Reading) […]




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