Max Goes on a Trip

As readers of this blog know, we have a group of little guys, our Max Rebos. (They’re a hivemind.)

Right now, we’re missing one. He went voyaging at an artist’s request. A friend of ours needed him to model for some kind of photo review project.

So we tucked him carefully into a box, with air holes, of course. (Do you like his note?)

Max in box

Although we were sad to see him go,

KC and Max

we knew he was going to have a fun adventure. Our artist promised to take good care of him and feed him raisin cookies.

We know he arrived ok, because we got a picture of him at his new temporary home. (Our friend called us “fabulously sick”, which we took as a compliment.)

Max arrives

But his plans to return have been sadly delayed. We were going to meet with our friend at one of the summer cons, but circumstances prevented our connecting.

His brothers are sad that they won’t be able to spend Thanksgiving with him, but they hope he’ll be back in time for Christmas.

One Response to “Max Goes on a Trip”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Love the note, seems like me and Max have a lot in common lol.

    You guys are… wacky though.:)




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