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I haven’t done this in a while… and I’m way early, since the Canadians have apparently gotten next week’s invoices already. So thanks to Christopher Butcher, here’s what coming out next week on THURSDAY, November 28.

Age of Bronze: Betrayal cover
Age of Bronze: Betrayal
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The book of the week, at least in terms of promotion, is Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze: Betrayal, Part One (Image, $17.99). I adore this beautifully illustrated historical series, and reading it in large, bound sections is the way to go, but I have to ask … what delayed this reprint collection four months past its original due date of July? Check out Chris’s description:

it’s so dense and detailed it takes me forever to get through a volume. That’s not a complaint, it’s more like intellectually psyching yourself up to read a real book after you’ve subsisted entirely on PEOPLE Magazine for 4 months…

There’s also a new Casanova (Image, $1.99) out, but I haven’t read this series since the artist changed. I’m sure it’s good, it just doesn’t tell me “read me now”, which means it ends up falling off the stack without my noticing.

ES (Eternal Sabbath) Book 7 cover
ES (Eternal Sabbath) Book 7
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Thanks to a generous publisher, I enjoyed reading ES (Eternal Sabbath) Volume 7 (Del Rey Manga, $10.95). Events take a major step forward in this installment, and it’s as attractively drawn as ever.

Hope Falls #1 (Markosia, $3.50) is out — that’s a link to my preview review (promising!), and I’ve also interviewed the writer.

Nightmares for Sale from Aurora Publishing ($10.95) debuts this week, if you like anthology horror manga.

The latest Treasury of Victorian Murder, The Saga of the Bloody Benders (NBM, $9.95), is now out in paperback (although Amazon thinks it’s due next February — is the publisher helping out the direct market by holding it back?).

And my anticipated superhero book of the week: the amazing X-Men First Class #6 (Marvel, $2.99), in which the team loses their powers. Cool premise!

What are you looking forward to?

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