How to Do Comics Journalism

  1. Ask questions. So many people don’t do this. Don’t ask stupid questions, certainly, but it’s really easy to reach major people in comics and politely inquire of them about key points. Don’t be afraid to do so.
  2. Don’t rely on email. Don’t be afraid to use the phone if you need to. (Yes, that will cost money. Suck it up.)
  3. Introduce yourself. Make sure they know who you are and where you publish.
  4. Be clear that you’re looking for a statement for publication. The worst thing you can do is violate someone’s trust.

That’s pretty much it. Why am I posting this? Because too many people have the idea that journalism is hard or will get them blacklisted or otherwise backfire on them, when the truth is that it’s easy, and more people should do it.

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