Amelia Rules! The Musical

One of my favorite Christmas comic stories was in Amelia Rules! This season, it’s been turned into a musical debuting in New Hampshire called “A Very Ninja Christmas”. From the press release:

… the musical relates how 9-year-old superhero-wannabe Reggie Grabinsky enlists his superhero crew to try to prove Santa is a fraud. Music and lyrics for the show are by New Hampshire musician/composer Michael Cohen.

“As editor of the Amelia books, I’ve been with these characters since their inception and watched them grow and mature over the years,” says Cohen. “Knowing them so well made writing the songs for this musical so much easier, more like writing songs for an old friend.”

The mostly-child cast began showing a dedication to the work right away. Cohen was especially impressed when 11-year-old Kasey Perkins came to the audition dressed in Amelia’s red t-shirt, black pants, and tennis shoes. “She got the role because she can sing and act great, but the fact that she took the time to research the comic cinched it for us.”

“It’s going to be a real thrill to see all these talented people bring my comic book to life,” beams Amelia Rules! creator Jimmy Gownley.”Michael’s songs are great, and I can’t wait until opening night!”

The premier of “A Very Ninja Christmas” will be in Marlborough, New Hampshire on December 6,7,8 2007. It is produced by Small Pond Productions. Plans to make the musical available to other theater companies is in the works.

Sounds cute!

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