Whatever Happened To…

I did some cleanup of my minicomic archives over the weekend, and I stumbled across a bunch of projects I really loved but hadn’t heard from the creators of in a while. So let’s test my Google skills and figure out what they’re doing now.

Amy Unbounded

Spin-off series Return of the Mad Bun is published as a webcomic, although I can’t tell when it was last updated. Author Rachel Hartman is mommy-blogging. From that site, I gather that she’s working on a novel. Collection, published 2002, still available through used book dealers.


Also now a webcomic that actively updates. Author Tara Tallan has a blog. Collection available used as well.

Xeno’s Arrow

Online as a webcomic, only at a different site. There’s also an interview with the creators talking about their plans. If you want to talk to them, they have a forum.

Johnny Public

There was an additional issue, #9, since those I recommended. The publisher’s website was last updated in summer 2005. A tenth issue shows up at a different online shop run by the artist as of last August, and she has a blog. I imagine life got in the way. Shame. It was intriguing, but needs to be read in large lumps.

You know, I follow very few webcomics, and I’m not good at reading page-at-a-time online, so I haven’t been keeping up with the first three, much as I enjoyed them in print. Yet the one that’s still in print, I’m not bothering with either. I’m not a very good customer.

Zero Hour

No, not that one. Patty Leidy did a strip of that name from 1995-1997, collected as minicomics. I enjoyed her humor, but haven’t seen anything from her in a decade, only to find her blog. Yay! Right now she’s having some pain issues that take up her posting, but if you scroll down, there are new comics. What a cool discovery!

9 Responses to “Whatever Happened To…”

  1. Tara Tallan Says:

    Thank you, Johanna!! It’s really wonderful to hear that you still remember Galaxion so fondly. My goal is to collect the new pages (when I have enough of them) and get it published as a first-of-a-series graphic novel, so you’ll be able to read it properly eventually!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Wonderful! I look forward to it, whenever it happens.

  3. James Schee Says:

    LOL wow with Galaxion and Xeno’s Arrow both listed, its a shame you didn’t list Thieves & Kings. Then you would have had the entire Wayward Tour (I think it was called?) that I was lucky enough to have dinner with at my first ever con in Charlotte many, many years back.

    Good to see that so many of the old favorites like them, Amy Unbounded and the like are still going. When I get time I’ll go check them out!

  4. J. Kevin Carrier Says:

    Thanks for the update on Patty Leidy! I was just looking through some old “Action Girl Comics” with her work the other day, and wondered what she was up to.

  5. Greg Beettam Says:

    Hey, thanks Johanna! It’s bit weird to realize we’ve become appropriate fodder for a “whatever happened to…” list (where does the time go?) but it’s also nice not to be forgotten. And rest assured we are still plugging away creatively, albeit somewhat more behind the scenes these days. Hopefully there will be more news to tell in the next year or so… (hint hint, tease tease!)

    Keep in touch…
    ;) G

  6. Stephen Geigen-Miller Says:

    You know, not a day goes by that I don’t wonder whatever happened to me. :)

    Yes, Xeno’s Arrow is running on Modern Tales. I also have a new webcomics project in development. You can see a teaser in the Gallery on my ComicSpace profile (just click on the link at the top of this comment!)

    Thanks, Johanna — and it’s great to see Patty Leidy’s comics again.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Hee hee hee. My devious plan worked — old friends are showing up!

    Good luck with the new work, Stephen, and I look forward to finding out what you’re talking about, Greg!

  8. Joshua Says:

    Return of the Mad Bun is still updating on Thursdays (latest installment today, though she spaced out last week), though it’s just old Mad Bun stories that were originally published as minis. Still, they’re new to whoever hasn’t read them. I think the current story line (The Log Baby) is the last of the Mad Bun material, though, and I’m not sure what happens after that. Rachel’s novel has been sold, and is scheduled to come out from Atheneum (a division of Simon & Schuster) in 2010.

  9. patty Says:

    yes I Live…lol
    actually I’m working on development , as you can see if you read my blog daily…
    LOTS of new comics on there…
    I also appreciate any feedback from folks….tooning is a lonely bidness’ ya

    patty leidy




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