Z-Cult FM Removes Marvel, Delays DC

Just when we all hoped things had settled down comes a new announcement at Z-Cult FM. They’ll be removing all Marvel comics as of next week.

we would like to thank Marvel for following our removal policy (like all other publishers have done in past) and not going down the legal route once again. So 7 days from now there will be no Marvel comics on our website.

Also, DC titles will be delayed 30 days.

as of today no DC Comic publications will be allowed on our site until least 30 days after they have been available in the shops. Any comics uploaded before this ban can remain but any comics that are uploaded since this ban was posted will be removed and the uploader reminded of our new policy.

I must stress the following points before any people read this or news sites pick it up:
* This 30 day ban is only for DC Comic books for time being.
* DC Comics has not replied to our response that we made on Friday.
* Z-Cult FM Staff have come up with this ban.
* This does not come from DC Comics or any other publishers.

Looks like time to revisit Usenet for those zero-day packs.

Update: DC and Top Cow comics will be removed as well, so the question now is whether the site will survive. There are a number of dedicated readers of the forum, and other types of comic torrents will still be available, but the meat of many’s reason to visit will soon be gone.

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