Zuda for December

Heidi reminds us that a new set of Zuda comics are up for December. She criticizes the interface for making the lettering hard to read, a sentiment shared by her commenters. She also does the research on what work the creators have previously done, a needed task for which we all should thank her.

Valerie already has her picks (link no longer available). I followed her advice and tried the following:

  • “Avaste Ye”, the pirate stick figure one. I liked it, except the peg leg doesn’t work with the stick figures. It’s your typical webcomic, light humor suitable for wasting time at work, minimalist art, starring a geek with a nerd-fetish twist. Doesn’t seem to match with the DC brand, really.
  • “Development Hell”, office humor. Except not funny. Pass.
  • “Maxy J Millionaire”. A stuffed toy who looks like the kid from Where the Wild Things Are runs away. Whimsical and quirky, perhaps trying too hard to be both. Artwise, everyone looks flattened.

If those are the best to offer, well, maybe next round will be more to my liking.

7 Responses to “Zuda for December”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    There are several I enjoy this round – Crooked Man and Maxy J Millionaire are exceptional. Development Hell is funny because I’ve been in that situation before – and I dig Avaste Ye, and agree on your assessment.

    But, Araknid Kid is the one strip that I feel like I could share with just about anyone. It’s fun, it’s well drawn – and reminds me of the storybook that I used to read to my students. Plus, those picto-ballons remind me of Spider-Man from his THE ELECTRIC COMPANY skits.

    What I dig about this month of Zudaites is how totally professional these “amateurs” are to each other – they have better manners than I’ve seen from many comic pros. I love that!

  2. Johanna Says:

    I tried the two you mentioned I hadn’t looked at, and the look of Crooked Man is astounding! And I like the historical adventure, too. Easily the best of the lot, in my opinion.

    (I wish the creepy Zuda eyes wouldn’t appear staring at you while the pages load.)

    Araknid Kid, eh. Seems almost to want to be a cartoon instead of a comic. Not much actually happens.

    So 1-for-2, but I really like the 1.

  3. Josh Alves Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence David!

    Sorry Araknid Kid isn’t working for ya Johanna, it was a challenge to try to figure out how to best display/introduce the character in the 8 pages… I’m delving into the thought process behind the submission at my site (www.joshalves.com), feel free to stop by and check it out…

  4. George Danby Says:

    Josh Alves. Great cartoonist! Hard working. Great idea having the universal diologue baloons(Pictures only).
    Go all the way Josh!

  5. George Danby Says:

    Sorry, that’s dialogue balloons.
    Danby can’t type.
    Josh can draw!

  6. James Schee Says:

    I did like Crooked Man a lot. Some of the rest are okay. I was surprised to see which one is leading now, Pray for Death.

    I couldn’t read it, as the dialogue boxes were blurry no matter what I did.

  7. Gabriel Hardman Says:

    Thank you Johanna an James for supporting our strip, “The Crooked Man”!




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