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Complete Calvin and Hobbes
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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set is now available from Amazon at $67.50. That’s over 50% off! What a great chunky gift that would make.

Update: As Dave pointed out, it’s now $90. Interesting: it’s listed as in stock. When it was deep discounted, it listed as available in 1-3 weeks. Ah, the wonders of computer updating.

5 Responses to “Complete Calvin and Hobbes”

  1. Dave Carter Says:

    Hmmm, it’s now listing at $89.99…

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s what happens with these special deals, unfortunately. That’s still 40% off, but it doesn’t seem as big a savings.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    Was it a Gold Box deal for you? I just picked up Alan Davis’ KILLRAVEN HC for less than $13 that way today. . . OK, so that’s only 60 cents less than Amazon’s usual great price, but I took it, anyway!

  4. abhi Says:

    in the set are the pages all comics or chapter books and how many pages in total?

  5. one fine day » Manga Worth Reading Says:

    […] as if they have real hands. It reminds me of the unexplained nature of the tiger, Hobbes, in Calvin and Hobbes. I’m glad that Sirial, like Watterson, doesn’t try to explain this feature of the series, since […]




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