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At Comics Should Be Good, they point out the following writer’s guarantee:

Keith Champagne came by the blog a couple of weeks ago to make the following offer – if you buy his upcoming comic, Countdown: Arena #1, and do not enjoy it – he will purchase the comic back from you at double the cover price. His contact info is

Given the rotten reviews the series has gotten, I worry for his budget. But those who will actually buy the comic are likely to be already be interested in the “who’d win” plotting and random dice-roll-style character selection. “Writer” is kind of an extraneous role in today’s editor-driven superhero industry.

Meanwhile, at Newsarama, they open up a thread to ask Marvel editor Steve Wacker questions. The introduction specifically states

Steve told us he’s willing to field the ten best Spider-Man: Brand New Day questions from Newsarama readers about the upcoming era. Please note – Wacker’s not going to give away any secrets of how “One More Day” ends, and will be somewhat limited in what he can say about the specifics of Spidey’s life post his run-in with Mephisto.

The rest of the first page is fans asking (or even griping) about One More Day, and site owner Matt Brady getting increasingly testy with them. Some samples:

with questions like that, you’re wasting your time.

Did I write those instructions in not English?

Bummer that the fans won’t just lie down and take whatever Marvel forces on them, hunh? One smart respondent points out:

Matt, exactly what can we ask?

I’m not trying to be a smart alec. I’m just not sure what the point of the excercise is here. Other than another general discussion about members of the creative teams I don’t know where else this Q & A can go.

I’m sure no plot details can be elaborated on, and given that OMD is at least a month away from being done, no one is able to accurately ask a question about the new direction. No one really knows exactly what the new playing field is and I’m sure Steve can’t elaborate on anything either. And he certainly can’t comment on leaks or fan speculation. … personally, I’ve long given up hope of some sort of act of contrition concerning shipping delays and its effect on event momentum.

So, respectfully, I’m just not sure what we all can cover here.

Another tries to be creative, saying that he’ll be dropping the title and then asking, in the promotional spirit, “what other Marvel titles can you recommend?” My answer? X-Men First Class.

2 Responses to “Superhero Site Snark LinkBlogging”

  1. Chris G. Says:

    That thread turns out to be EXACTLY what I need to read after giving a long and difficult lecture. What a riot — I like the poster who compares the thread to a bonfire. (More substantively, the same post notes that the OMD posts aren’t going to be picked anyway, so why the over-reaction from Brady?)

  2. Tim O'Shea Says:

    I could never be Matt Brady. Because of the message board backbone of his daily job, everyone is a critic. It amazes me that, even after a major sale of the site like Brady and Doran just did, Brady is still the guy in the message board trenches waving the flag (in this instance) for Marvel. Clearly he must enjoy it on some level, but it would not be for me.




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