FCHS Launches Next Week

Webcomics collective The Chemistry Set announces a new launch. Saturday, December 15, comes FCHS, a high-school strip written by Vito Delsante and illustrated by newcomer Rachel Freire.

FCHS Teaser Image

Here’s the press release:

Have your best days come and gone? Are you aching for the days of yesteryear? Do you remember a time when the world was at your feet? If your answers to these questions are yes, yes, and yes, then the Chemistry Set has the cure for you: the new weekly strip FCHS.

Beginning Saturday, December 15th, the Chemistry Set, the webcomics collective of up and coming writers and artists, welcomes FCHS to its eclectic family of comics. The brainchild of Chem Set co-founder Vito Delsante, FCHS is a part autobiographical but all too real portrayal of the writer’s last year of high school.

“When Tom [Williams] and I created STUCK, it was my opportunity to do a comic that was slice of life, but 100% fiction,” said Delsante. “I wanted to do something real, and I always look at my own life for material. Hence, FCHS.”

Joining Delsante will be newcomer Rachel Freire. With no professional credits to her name, Freire looks forward to the opportunity to do a weekly strip. “FCHS is a really fun project!” exclaimed Freire, a newcomer to the Chemistry Set and to comics in general. “I always wanted to do an ARCHIE-esque comic since I learned to read from them. FCHS is exactly what I was looking for, but a bit more realistic.” In explaining her affinity for the strip, she said, “I’ve grown attached to all the characters and as I’m drawing them in all these different and sometimes complicated situations, I find I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

“I’m really excited to see FCHS come to life,” said Chris Arrant, co-founder of The Chemistry Set. “Vito’s stories have always have cut to the heart of people as living things and not just characters, and when you take that approach the last year of high school. WOW.”

FCHS will be done in traditional weekly comic strip format. “Rachel is a big fan of all the classic cartoonists like Caniff and Alex Raymond, and you can see her Dan DeCarlo-meets-the Hernandez Brothers influence, so doing the three panel strip was a natural choice. It plays to her strengths and gives me a challenge in scripting.

FCHS will run for over a year, non-stop. “It was important to me that we have content consistently on the site, and doing the strip newspaper style was the best way to ensure that,” said Delsante.

I love seeing someone acknowledge their Archie/Dan DeCarlo influence, and the character profiles posted as teasers are intriguing. Freire’s work is lovely. I like the way her characters are distinctive, with both emotion and reasonable anatomy.

4 Responses to “FCHS Launches Next Week”

  1. Greg McElhatton Says:

    Am I the only one who looks at that promo art and instantly thinks of Zot!‘s “Earth Stories” issues?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yes. :) I hadn’t thought about that, but now that you mention it… I can only hope that it’s that good.

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