Amelia Rules #18

Amelia Rules #18 by Jimmy Gownley is a “very special issue” dealing with the suffering of a kid whose father is serving in the war.

Amelia Rules 18 cover

When I heard that, I rolled my eyes… but after actually reading it, I was crying. Gownley does a tremendous job capturing the fear and uncertainty and pain of the kids left behind to wait and wonder. It’s very powerful stuff, backed up by input from a real Army Major.

On the lighter side, this issue also captures Amelia’s first date, charming and yet uncomfortable, as real life is. The realistic dialogue is what sells the kids’ behavior as they live through a gamut of excitement and concern for their friend. The art is well-cartooned, with Gownley’s signature open panels punctuating more traditional sequences and his excellent control of pacing drawing the reader through the story at the intended pace.

There’s also a lesson plan included, as well as more information on the real-life soldier who inspired this issue. The comic can be read online for free at the title’s website. I’ve reviewed two previous collections.

4 Responses to “Amelia Rules #18”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Wow that reminded me of why I used to love Amelia Rules. Good stories that are great for all ages, and have meaning that leave you thinking after you finish.

    I lost interest in the series during the superhero storyline, so don’t remember many of these characters. (where was Reggie or the cool aunt?) Yet I didn’t need to as everything I needed was given.

    I may have to track down some back issues/trades during the Christmas holidays.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, this was a real return to the best of the series. I also was disappointed by the superhero story, just because it was so much like things I’d seen before. AR at its best is fresh and unusual.

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