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The rules for the 2008 Eisner Award Nominations are up. I’m proud of what I do here, so I thought about nominating this site for “best comics journalism periodical or website”, but the rules say “Publishers wanting to submit entries should send one copy each of the comics or books…” and I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I can’t imagine making printouts of my most impressive examples of journalism this year, and just sending a URL likely means being overlooked. Oh, well, maybe one day I’ll put out a book version. If someone does a webcomic, do they send a burned CD?

Oni Press attempts to bring back the letter column by bribing readers to contribute.

… they’re additionally going to be sending a free copy of the next issue to every individual who gets their letter printed. Furthermore, the writer of the best letter in any given month will be sent an autographed copy of the issue #1 plus some original art by series artist, David Dumeer.

Which is just coming full circle, since the earliest letter writers were sometimes rewarded with pages of the art that were lying around the offices… this was, of course, before publishers figured out that the artists might like to have them back. Sean Kleefeld has much economic analysis at the link, jumping into a discussion of reasonable ways to keep readership from its natural decay rate. Good stuff!

There’s going to be a Lost Boys WildStorm miniseries focusing on the Frog Brothers. No thanks — my guess is the comic won’t get right what was so cool about the movie. I loved the mood and the atmosphere of something going very wrong, especially as the lead was on the cusp of adulthood, a scary time in itself. I bet a comic would focus on vampires! gore! drippy blood! which I don’t need to read about, thanks. And I doubt a comic could capture the strength of the many great performances. Although since we’re talking about the Frog Brothers, that’s irrelevant.

Del Rey’s releasing Marvel manga in a co-publishing deal. I predict it fails as badly as other attempts in this area, like the Marvel Mangaverse. They just don’t get it, you know, seeing it as a trend they can temporarily co-opt to bring some juice to their aging properties. I bet you some suit is sitting back figuring that girls who start reading X-Men shojo can somehow be convinced to buy X-Men comics and add to their audience. Stupid suit. The more likely audience for this paltry two-volume story (and at length, why bother?) is fanboys who think that this book will be the magic wand that convinces their girlfriend to love superhero comics. Cause the girls love that manga, you know? More on that later.

Speaking of superhero comics, I’ve figured out how to enjoy them more. I drink before reading them. Only I think alcohol is giving me hives, so I can’t do it too often. Which is probably better for all concerned. That’s not news, but since I don’t Twitter, I couldn’t figure where else to put it.

5 Responses to “News Item Commentary LinkBlogging”

  1. Don MacPherson Says:

    Johanna wrote:
    I can’t imagine making printouts of my most impressive examples of journalism this year, and just sending a URL likely means being overlooked.

    The call for entries includes the following: “For webcomics and journalism websites, submit URLs.”

  2. Lyle Says:

    I agree about the thinking behind the Marvel/Del Rey books — and the short length — but with Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman working on the shoujo title, they’ve got me sold.

  3. Adam_Y Says:

    “I’ve figured out how to enjoy them more. I drink before reading them.”

    Reading whilst drunk is horrible – less so with comics than novels, but still.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Don, how did I overlook that? (Because it wasn’t in the same paragraph that talks about print, I think, and I only scanned the rest.) Thanks so much!

    Lyle, that is quite a silver lining, I agree. It’ll be interesting to see Raina write something without drawing it.

    Adam, why?

  5. Don MacPherson Says:


    Your original point about the vague quality of the Eisner guidelines when it comes to online media is still valid.

    The guidelines state only that websites can submit URLs. Which URLs? Just the main front-page link? Links to the strongest samples of 2007 work? What do the Eisner judges view as journalism? Industry news reporting? Opinion pieces? Reviews of comics?

    What about sites that go defunct for various reasons between the time of eligibility and the time of the selection/judging process? In this day and age, it’s rare, I admit, but it’s entirely possible.

    I realize I sound quite negative and that it seems as though I’m nitpicking. I’m actually quite pleased to see the Eisners recognize the importance of online media. I just don’t think the logistics have been fully thought out.




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