Transfuzion Launches, Plans Changed

In August, I covered Transfuzion Publishing‘s first announcement, in which they declared their intention to avoid Diamond Distribution and sell direct to consumers.

Time has passed and plans have been altered. This week, Transfuzion announced their official launch, which consists of books listed in Diamond’s catalog for availability in February 2008. Why the change? From their press release:

The line was originally scheduled to come out in August 2007 but the actual release date was pushed back in order to accommodate the ordering schedule of comic book shops via Diamond Distribution.

“We’re excited to explore the possibilities with many of these titles, not just in the direct comics market but other areas as well,” said co-publisher Gary Reed. “Many of these titles have long been out of print so I think that there are a lot of fans who will get their chance to pick up some of these stories in a nice collected version.”

Rafael Nieves said that since the initial announcement of Transfuzion, quite a few things have changed. “The main thing,” according to Nieves, “was the response we got from a lot of creators who wanted to come on board. And a lot of them want to do new material.” One of the roles that Nieves will play in the company is to handle the growing pile of submissions and creators for the series of anthology titles that Transfuzion will be launching. “We’re planning to do a number of thematic anthology titles and much of it will be all-new material. We won’t announce anything specific until it is ready to go.”

So, question not really answered, but hints are found in the first announcement, where they said “If any retailers or distributors want to carry our books, we’ll do everything that’s economically feasible to do so.” Plus, if they’re moving their focus from reprint to including new projects as well, it doesn’t make sense to cut out any potential market these days, when sales of independent material are hard to gain overall. Good luck with those anthologies … They’re great for creators, but it’s a format I’ve given up on as a reader.

Reed talks more about his decision-making process at his blog.

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