Suburban Glamour #1-2

Jamie McKelvie previously illustrated Long Hot Summer and Phonogram. Here, he writes his own story about a young rebel who discovers that magic is real.

Suburban Glamour #1 cover

Astrid is a suburban teen with a couple of friends, and all three are generally bored with school and the options available to them in town. The premise isn’t particularly unusual — outsider finds out that they really are special and their actions have global consequence — and it’s executed competently. What drew my attention here was the lovely art.

Suburban Glamour #2 cover

McKelvie’s clean linework and gorgeous people are quite attractive, and he draws realistic, complex expressions. His figures tend to look posed and static at times, but many talking panels make that into a strength. His dialogue is similarly plausible for the characters and their ages, so while there’s a lot of it, it’s enjoyable to read.

Guy Major’s colors are of particular note, with pastels and muted shades. It’s the furthest from the traditional solid four colors of comics you can get. He also gives dimension to McKelvie’s world through shading, beautifully supporting his strong design sense.

As the fantasy elements develop, they serve as tangible symbols of Astrid’s struggles growing up. She’s going to have to embrace her heritage in order to defeat the foes seeking her.

The first issue sold out, so look for the collection in May.

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  1. Jamie McKelvie Says:

    Thanks for the review, Johanna.

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