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December 23, 2007

Some notes about what’s showing this week on Turner Classic Movies:

Christmas in Connecticut cover
Christmas in Connecticut
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Christmas in Connecticut (Sunday, 12/23, 8:00 PM ET) — My favorite Christmas movie airs tonight, a romantic comedy that punctures the idea of the perfect homey holiday meal. I like the reminder at this time of year that it’s the emotion that matters, not living up to other people’s media-driven expectations.

It’s followed by Holiday Affair, in which Janet Leigh has to choose between dashing Robert Mitchum and some respectable businessman. It’s a well-done romance with a predictable ending, but that’s comforting too.

Monday and Tuesday air more holiday movies, as you’d expect, given the season, so if you’ve missed them earlier this month, take another look.

Grand Theft Auto cover
Grand Theft Auto
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Not much else to mention this week — some adventure and war films — but Friday night during their Underground timeslot (where they show grindhouse-style cult classics), they’re airing Grand Theft Auto (2:00 AM ET), the 1977 oddity starring Ron Howard as a kid eloping to Vegas with his sweetie. It’s also his directorial debut and he co-wrote it. If you like car races and crashes, check it out.

The Frighteners cover
The Frighteners
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The Frighteners (Thursday, 12/27, 4:00 PM ET) — Over on AMC, they’re showing this horror comedy starring Michael J. Fox and co-written and directed by Peter Jackson. If AMC doesn’t cut it up too much, it’s fun, with impressive special effects anchoring the story of a fake ghost hunter who finds himself going up against an undead serial killer. John Astin and Chi McBride are two ghosts.

It’s good enough to cross genre boundaries; even though I don’t like horror, and it is quite scary, I enjoyed the characters and the comedy while getting caught up in the suspense.

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Tim O'Shea writes:  

A sign I’m getting older?

1970s films can be even considered as classics (which they can be).

I’ve always loved that Ron Howard worked with Corman in an effort to learn the craft (as well as shake off some of the Happy Days baggage).


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