New Little Archie Volume; Unpopular FCBD Choice

Doctor Scott at Polite Dissent conducted an interesting experiment. He put out a bunch of all-ages Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) comics in waiting rooms and then checked which ones got worn out first. Most popular (based on this totally anecdotal one-off case)? The Simpsons. Least? Little Archie.

Adventures of Little Archie 2 cover

Shouldn’t matter to the publisher, though. They put out one Little Archie collection in 2004; now, they’ve announced they’re reprinting it along with a new second volume, this one with a new story by classic artist Bob Bolling. Here’s part of the press release:

In a rare treat for Archie fans, Bob Bolling’s Little Archie returns in an all-new 22-page tale, “Dragon of Doom.” Little Archie, Chic, and Kimberly must stop Mad Doctor Doom and Chester from using a giant dragonfly to steal armored cars. This is featured in our new 6 x 9 format. We are also re-issuing LITTLE ARCHIE VOLUME ONE in this same 6 x 9 format. All of the classic goodness of Little Archie and the kids from Riverdale (omit comma) in two exciting volumes. Ask your retailer to reserve your copies today!

(And yes, there were editorial notes left in the PR when it was sent out.)

The most interesting piece of the news to me was that both books were going to appear in digest form instead of the more traditional comic size of the first print. That allows Archie to price them at $9.95 each, keeping them below the psychologically important $10 barrier. It also suggests that something closer to manga size wins in the marketplace, especially in books aimed at the younger audience. The books are due out at the end of March.

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