Fun With Numbers: How Does That Work?

This ICv2 article about the upcoming release of Lost Girls in Europe on January 1 says this, quoting co-publisher Chris Staros, about print runs:

We are using the remaining 7,000 copies from the initial runs to fill the first wave of UK/EU orders (40,000) total, then we will reprint again mid-2008.

So does that mean that 33,000 people will be disappointed for six months? I must be reading something wrong. Then again, their press release says “the limited supply will likely disappear within a few weeks,” so maybe not.

4 Responses to “Fun With Numbers: How Does That Work?”

  1. Pitzer Says:

    The UK-only orders were 40,000? Yowzers!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Not just UK, but EU — all of Europe. Which makes sense to me, since they have more acceptance of adult-type comic material than the US does. An earlier ICv2 article says that the total US number of copies printed was 40,000 after 3 print runs. So releasing to Europe doubles the sales, roughly.

  3. Santiago Says:

    I believe that what Staros meant was that from the original 40,000 UK/Europe run, 7,000 will be filled with the remaining copies from the US edition.

  4. BZero Says:

    I guess that means we can assume the book will be doing well? *grin*




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