History and Memories

Three stories combined this week to remind me how fast time passes.

First, a well-known former CompuServe poster, Paul Grant, passed away last month. I remember him, from back in the early 90s where their Comics & Animation forum was the place to be. (Paid access helped keep out the riffraff and troublemakers that plague so many other comic message boards.) He was kind and outgoing.

I most remember talking to him around the time that he wrote the introduction to Shi: Senryaku in 1995. Even then, people were debating whether this kind of comic was friendly to women or not and whether Billy Tucci would produce sequential art consistently. Anyway, it seems like just a few years ago, when it was more like a decade and a half. My, how time passes. My best wishes to his family and friends in this difficult time. One positive result: Michael Grabois has formed an online group for former CIS members.

Next, speaking of troublemakers… Colleen Doran thanks Gail Simone for her defense during an 80-page thread in which an old Usenet troll attacks Doran and James Owen while trying to promote Dave Sim’s new work. I have my own Talon stories, the worst of which involves him making remarks about how I should have my tongue cut out for disagreeing with him and then posting how much he was looking forward to meeting me at an upcoming convention. (Here’s an old post where he acknowledges making the threat but claims he never meant it literally.) Now, there are laws against such online harassment; then, I spent the whole show in the company of several large friends. It’s sad to see how some people never grow up, even as they’re getting older.

I miss both of those online hangouts … nowhere today has the wide-ranging mix of people and comic-related topics. With so many options, message boards fracture and specialize, around particular subjects or titles or personalities. (Like TV, losing major networks in favor of specialized channels.) There’s no longer A central place to go and be exposed to the wide range of the medium. In part, that’s because the medium is so much expansive these days, with graphic novels and manga and art comics and the usual superheroes. Few people read them all.

Last, Netscape is dead. Oh, it had been for a while, but this is the official end of an era, since it was the first commercial web browser (following NCSA Mosaic, which I first used). Then, it was a big deal to post an image… now, I get the web on my cellphone and can’t imagine not having wireless internet 24×7. Can’t stop the future.

4 Responses to “History and Memories”

  1. adistantsoil.com » Blog Archive » Gail Simone Appreciation Thread. Says:

    […] Please go to Johanna Carlson’s website and see where Rick Sharer/Talon who has been proven to have committed slander and libel against me, […]

  2. Tim O'Shea Says:

    I think if more people referred to trolls by their real names, that might make them more focused on accountability.
    Bubba66 does not work for a police report or legal proceeedings, but John Smith works far more effectively. And with that being said, Johanna, why does Talon get an unintentional free pass and not get referred to by his real name? You and I have had disputes over the years, but I never would fathom metaphorically or otherwise threatening you. And a person that cowardly who threatens you, well I think that name should be known in various circles. They look for fame/notice through a screen name, but I think they should endure shame by publicizing their real name. Just a thought.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I didn’t use his name because he doesn’t qualify as a person to me. Rick Sharer is a bug, forgettable. I also didn’t want him easily searching this out to feed his egotism. You can’t shame someone who doesn’t understand how wrong their actions are and hasn’t for over a decade.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Yeah time flies, someone asked me the other day how long I’d been online and I was stunned to realize it’d been over 10 years.

    I had not heard of that story with the Talon guy. Very, very weird…




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