Thoughts on the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! And here’s to a better year in 2008! Not that 2007 was bad… but one can always wish for better, right?

I’ve been spending the day doing site maintenance, removing broken links and such. I’m a bit sad to see how many blogs I enjoyed reading in 2006 are now gone … not just defunct, but their files removed. We’re losing our history online, because it’s so quick and easy to delete. Or third-party hosts don’t see the point in keeping around a dead site for more than a year, or a site that moves hosts doesn’t worry about transferring the archives as well.

Anyway, it’s just another sign of time passing. Such is life, and sometimes forgetfulness is a gift. Let’s focus on the positive and face the future with joy!

One Response to “Thoughts on the New Year”

  1. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Belated happy new year to you and KC, Johanna.
    (And welcome to Ed. If you liked him in the comments section, you’ll love Sizemore as a CWR staffer! :) )




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