Archie Creates 18 Blogs

Archie Comics sent out the following press release:

Archie Comics is pleased to announce that we are starting the New Year with 18 brand new title-specific blogs. Archie Comics has always been very interactive with their fans. For years we have received mail by the ton telling us what our fans think about what we are doing.

Since the start of our website we have been receiving millions of emails and fan art from our readers. The site receives 16-18 million hits a month. If a lot of our fans want to see something happen in the pages of our comics, we try to make it happen.

With the new system of blogs, we will get information to our fans title by title. For example, if you read Tales From Riverdale each month, you can find out the latest news about that title without having to read through what is happening in every title.

If you are a fan of Josie & the Pussycats you will be able to read about our plans for them in our digests. Our digests also regularly feature That Wilkin Boy, Dilton, Captain Sprocket, and even Reggie. Characters that are not featured in their own title but have a regular home in some of our most loved digests.

The blog format will allow us to interact with our fans and protect our younger fans. All posts will be read by a member of the Archie Comics staff prior to posting so that parents will be able to feel safe when their children are visiting the Archie Comics site.

The new blogs will also feature original content not found anywhere else, from interviews with the writers, artists and staff to sketches and other art our fans will be excited to see.

As the world of communication grows, we have looked for more ways to communicate with our fans. We want to let them know what we have planned, and we want to hear from them if they think we are doing a good job. We will have immediate dialog with our fans on every title we publish. To find these new title-specific blogs, go to and click on the word “COMICS” on the upper banner.

Leaving aside the question of whether this is news deserving of a press release, what does this mean for the earlier character-oriented setup, where Betty had a blog and so did Veronica and so on? They’re still around, so I guess they’re going to update them, too? And wouldn’t you want some cross-pollination going on among titles, instead of allowing readers to ignore them?

Why bring up the non-title characters, like Josie, in this announcement? I don’t know which blogs, if any, I should follow to find news on them in this new structure.

Fundamentally, without being clear on who’s doing the writing (supposed or actual), these aren’t blogs, they’re just buzzword-tagged book sites, which is something every publisher should be doing as a basic function. On the positive side, it will make it easier to find the solicits for particular issues, which I appreciate when doing reviews.

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  1. T Campbell Says:

    Archie on the Web is a lot like that embarrassing uncle who tells all the kids at family reunions that their outfits are “totally radical.”




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