Just Say Know Put Online

Joint Productions (heh heh heh) would like you to know that their 1993 publication “Just Say Know” is now available online. It’s sort of a drug primer/handbook in comic form, aimed at assisting informed decision-making. Written by Dave McNamara & Geoff Chapman, illustrated by Peter Ketley, it was developed through

collaborat[ion] with local youth groups to produce harm minimisation orientated drug information, using the comic format to reach the intended readership. During the preliminary outreach work, the young people made it clear that they rejected communication they thought was fear-based, authoritarian or not addressed to them as equals. … adopting an approach that neither patronised its audience nor sensationalised the subject matter, it described a 13-year-old boy’s journey, led by a mysterious woman called Sophia (‘wisdom’), through the social history of drugs and their effects.

It’s an interesting exploration of an alternative viewpoint. Very talky, as you’d expect, but the art’s done well for the purpose, with varying images and shots. The afterword states

It is not our intention to encourage drug use, although we do accept that some of you will take them regardless… if you are going to do so, we suggest you observe the following guidelines

So it’s pragmatic in approach, the equivalent of birth control education instead of preaching abstinence. Worth the time to flip through, if you’re looking for something unusual, and a good example of surprising educational comics.

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