Baked Potato Soup

I enjoy reading the finance/frugality blog Get Rich Slowly. It’s nice, with so many media implications to “buy, buy, buy”, to have a source of advice on fiscal responsibility. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to see the posting of a recipe for baked potato soup.

I tried it tonight. I had a bit of trouble getting the potatoes to the right state in the microwave, and I think next time I’d make it with only 2 (or 3 smaller ones than the double-fist size I had). I’d also never cooked with evaporated milk before.

But once everything got into the pot, stirred up, and heated through, it was quite tasty. I put shredded cheddar cheese on top and a chopped green onion. Very filling, too, and I’m looking forward to having leftovers for lunch.

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  1. J.D. Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Johanna. I find it amusing that:

    1. Just before I started GRS, I was writing a comics blog. Yours was one of my favorite blogs that I read then. (Nowadays I don’t have time to read comics blogs!)
    2. One of my fellow comics fans pinged me to let me know you’d posted this.
    3. You’re posting about potato soup on a comics blog.

    Thanks again!





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