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I’m a big Alex Robinson fan, and the minicomics of Max Ink have a similar feel. Blink is the title, and there are issues online to read.

Blink is a young woman who talks about life with friends in realistic-sounding interludes. The series reminds me of Kris Dresen’s Max & Lily in its interesting conversation. Whether solving crossword puzzles or pondering lost childhood, the linework’s great, capturing the expressions that make the interaction live. True conversation is more than just words, but also the pauses and gestures that go on between the participants.

The second issue, “Experiencing Creative Difficulties”, is a bit too self-referential, in that it turns out Blink’s an artist who can’t think of something to write about, so a friend proposes writing about being blocked. (Multi-level much? But then again, Robinson’s Box Office Poison co-starred a wannabe comic artist.) “Space to Breathe” is quieter, more reflective, with the friends sharing a starry sky and favorite quotations.

But my favorite is “Let It Be As It Is”, a reflection of John Lennon’s demise and what music can mean. I’d advise buying all of them, but they’re currently out of print. Shame. I’d like to be able to reread them whenever I want.

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  1. Slay Says:

    Max is a good friend of mine. I like his comics too. If you visit his comicspace page, I believe you can purchase some.

  2. Max Says:

    Slay is a friend of mine. He sent me a link to this post– thanks for the kind words, Johanna! I’d be happy to send you copies of the books for your rereading pleasure.

    Oh, and the “Let It Be As It Is” is a FREE mini comic. I’d be happy to send you a dozen so that you can hand them out o people you think would enjoy them, too.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Very kind of you, thanks! I’ll email.

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  5. James Schee Says:

    Good stuff.

    You know while it is interesting to talk about how weird the comic industry is. This just reminded me why I like coming to the site more than any other. The looks at interesting comics that I more than likely would never had seen before.

    Thanks for doing that!

  6. Johanna Says:

    You’re welcome. It’s too easy just to run my mouth about the controversy du jour or slag books I expected to suck — I’m trying to shine a more positive light this year.

  7. Max Says:

    Nice to know my work tips the scales in favor of light & goodness! Yay!

  8. Max Riffner Says:

    I’m excited to check this out – plus, the Max’s of comics need to stick together :) Thanks for the recommendation, Johanna!

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