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Dave Carter has an interesting observation connecting some dots I didn’t notice:

Three of the biggest names in self publishing have new projects starting up: Jeff Smith with RASL, Terry Moore with Echo, and the granddaddy of all Dave Sim with Glamourpuss.

It’s a very different world from when Bone, Strangers in Paradise, and Cerebus (respectively) were coming out monthly. Especially with the change from serialization to graphic novels as a preference among many indy comic fans.

Speaking of graphic novels, I noted this exchange in an interview with Chris Ryall, IDW Publisher:

Reprinting old strips has been a cornerstone of IDW for years, as you mention – “Grimjack,” “Jon Sable,” “Maze Agency,” now “Badger” – is the plan to reprint the entirety of these titles or are plans tentative depending on how the next volume does?

We’ve called these books “The Complete,” and I know we certainly intend to make that name a reality, marketplace willing. We’ve gotten pretty far into the runs already, which is great. I love having eight to nine volumes of these books to show so far, with more to come.

I wonder if he noticed they included The Maze Agency in that list? Because I would love to see additional volumes, but since the second one got cancelled, I’d given up hope. The interview goes on to talk about their licensed publications, and Ryall ducks out on answering the question I was curious about:

You’re publishing “Doctor Who.” It’s the David Tennant Doctor, written by the story editor on the TV series. How did you land the rights and how did you get one of the series writers to write it?

Well, Gary Russell is a story editor on the show, and he’s written Doctor Who books and other Who-related things, so he’s perfect for the comic, but he’s not, technically speaking, a writer on the series. Still, he runs everything by Russell T. Davies, so everything he sends us comes with that ultimate stamp of approval, which is a nice bonus.

I do wish the interviewer had followed up and pointed out that that doesn’t answer how they got the rights or how Russell came to write it.

Fun factoid of the day: From a study of ethics in book reviewing,

64.9 percent think anyone who has written an unpaid blurb for a book should also be banned from writing a fuller review.

76.5 percent think it’s never ethical to review a book without reading the whole thing.

That last one is troubling. At first, I thought, “Almost 1/4 of people thought it was ok?” Then I realized that I’ve done that, in the rare case where I couldn’t force myself to finish something. And I think “I couldn’t stand it enough to finish it” can be a valid review. (Although if I do it, I try to link to other reviews or previews for more information for readers.)

As for the previous, in my experience, it mostly works the other way around. I write a review, and people ask to turn it into a blurb. I think in book publishing, though, they’re talking about copies sent to notable names to get pre-release publicity.

3 Responses to “Plans and Ethics LinkBlogging”

  1. Andrew Wickliffe Says:

    The Maze Agency is not getting finished… I asked Ryall about it a long time ago. The negatives were bad or something.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, bummer. My hopes dashed once again. At least I still have the issues.

  3. Bill D. Says:

    That’s very bad news about The Maze Agency indeed. I had hoped to get all the trades so I could eventually replace my issues. Now I’m tempted to just unload that first trade if there are never going to be follow-ups.




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