Historical Archie Sales

In response to my posting the 2007 sales figures for Archie comics (at least, those released so far), Heidi asks how they compare to previous years.

I thought I’d done this more often, but I was able to round up a couple of historical mentions. In 2003, I posted them to Usenet. Comparing the two (using Nearest Issue values), we see that Archie sales are down significantly.

Archie’s Double Digest, always the best seller, is down almost 50,000 copies, from 152.5K to 104K. Betty‘s dropped 5K. Pals’n’Gals Double Digest went from almost 136K to just under 99K. (Digest sales, no matter the title, used to be comfortably over 100K.) Archie single issue sales are up slightly, however, from 27K to 29K (rounding up).

For an even earlier comparison, last decade, I put up the figures for a couple of titles in 1998, and Carl Henderson had some digest numbers from 1997.

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