Del Rey Wants Submissions

I’m surprised, given how many have backed away from asking for submissions, to see any publisher make an open call these days, let alone one as reputable as Del Rey Manga.

We really want to hear from you. Del Rey has recently licensed a couple of outstanding original manga series from terrific new talents. But we’re always looking for exciting new work. Check out our official submission guidelines.

They state they don’t accept submissions from writers without artists. They’ll look at either book proposals or artist portfolios, but no fanfiction, only original work. Wanna be discovered? Check it out.


  1. OK, this has nothing to do with this post other than, the website for Del Rey that you get directed to…I designed that! That’s some SizerDesign! And my wife Jane did the programming for it! Sorry, continue the discussion…

    Truthfully, I was surprised to hear this as well, given that TokyoPop got SO deluged by entries when they did it. Nonetheless, Del Rey is a gret company, and the people I’ve worked with there are very dedicated and decent folks, so I’d say go for it, all you manga-ka!

  2. Nice job! I like the logo. I tried to lift it for this post, but I was too lazy to stitch together the two parts. :)

  3. having a problem navigating the site. i am a new artist looking for he submissin guideline’s.. I kno that you a lot of people but would very much appreciate if you can email how to get the information so i can send out my Art. im looking foward for your reply and thank you for listening. Sincerly jason swaby

  4. You probably need to look for newer sources. This post is nearly four years old, and the publishing market has changed since then, so Del Rey is no longer open for submissions.

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