Captain Action Comic Launches in April

In March 2007, Moonstone asked for Captain Action proposals. Long-time established comic writer Fabian Nicieza got the gig. In June, they asked for art submissions. In July, they announced Mark Sparacio was selected.

Captain Action cover

Now, the comic launches with a zero issue at the New York Comic Con in April. I’m curious to see it, because it’s, as the press release has it, “designed to appeal to the nostalgia community as well as to ‘seriously rock’ and appeal to a whole new crowd.” That’s quite ambitious (and often self-defeating), to target so widely.

The cover shown here, “a variant collectible cover” for #1, is by Paul Gulacy.

I hope all that is accurate. I had to read through two pages of property history and how the marketers behind the relaunch met before getting to the launch information. It’s a good example of how not to write a press release. Which is surprising, since all of this gives off an air of being very marketing-driven, with t-shirts and coffee mugs and reproduction model kits coming out before the comic.

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3 Responses to “Captain Action Comic Launches in April”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Huh… My first impression when seeing the cover was “So they’re fighting Nazis, interesting.” Until I realized the character that reminded me of some of those old serial movie posters with old faceless darkly colored(and clad) Nazi bad guys, was supposed to be Captain Action. Oops!

    (guy’s got some huge fists too, they’re bigger than his head!)

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