Robert Scott Gets His Revenge

Robert Scott, owner of the “Comic Book Industry Alliance” retailer-based private Delphi forum, was banned from commenting in the ComicPro convention pre-sale discussion thread here because of his refusal to abide by rules of polite discourse (after two warnings). When I did that, I started counting down until he took his revenge and banned me from the CBIA. It just happened.

There was no question, no request for explanation, just an email to me stating that I “used CBIA content in [my] Blog without permission” and I’m out. No wonder more and more people are finding the CBIA too one-sided, too restrictive, and just plain too insulting to bother with. I hope someone else, someone with a more suitable temperament, is able to bring together publishers, creators, and retailers to talk about the problems faced by the comic industry and potential solutions in a more welcoming atmosphere.

I’d be happy to help with such an effort; ironically, I was a moderator for the CBIA until I quit being willing to give the outdated Delphi system any money.

8 Responses to “Robert Scott Gets His Revenge”

  1. James Schee Says:

    They still have Delphi forums? Wow. I hadn’t thought of those in years.

  2. ADD Says:

    I’d say I’m surprised, but when the most forward-looking and best US comic book retailer that I know (an imminently reasonable and patient guy, unlike, say, myself) told me he had to get out of the CBIA because of Scott’s antics, I knew the writing was on the wall.

    By now I must assume the board is populated solely by lousy, around-the-bend retailers like Scott and those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  3. Tom Says:


    Your growing repertoire of half-baked assumptions and unfounded assertions is quite likely the reason your credibility within this industry is shaky at best.

  4. ADD Says:


    What I said was based on what I was told by one of the most highly-respected retailers in the country. It has nothing at all to do with assumptions or assertions.

    And if I start to get worried about my credibility with anonymous comment thread posters, you’d be the first to know — if you had the courage to post a link to your real identity, as most people here do, that is.

  5. Atom! at Brave New World Says:

    For the record, I don’t believe it was revenge. He had to be convinced that you were continually quoting and misquoting from the CBIA and asked for evidence of same before making the decision.

    In the end, I was the one you misquoted and I wouldn’t have had any objection to you using my actual quote had you asked.

    Is it possible that you were trying to get the boot?

  6. Johanna Says:

    I’ve been moderating online areas since 1993, including one of the most notorious, so I think I have a pretty good idea of who’s acting responsibly and who’s looking for reasons to act on grudges. Based on how he handled it, I can’t be convinced he really did mean well. Especially since I haven’t seen any of this supposed “evidence”. (And completely erroneous mind-reading on your part, too.)

    But you know, for someone’s who supposed to have been “punished” this way, I’m thrilled. I hadn’t realized how depressing and time-wasting that place was until I didn’t have to go there any more.

  7. Dena Brooks Says:

    Wow, how come you seem to have such an axe to grind with this guy?

    I come here more to see reviews of comics but every once in a while one of these things catches my eye and I have to say you seem to be going out of your way to provoke him.

    You say that group is for retailers, publishers and creators, how did you get the opportunity to be part of it in the first place?

    I guess from know on I’ll stick to reviews nobody fights there.

  8. Johanna Says:

    I’m not sure how refusing to allow someone to insult other commenters here and then pointing out his petty responses is ME provoking him or grinding an axe. But if you’re looking for reviews, I’ll have more next week!




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