Boom! Sellout Streak Continues

Boom! Studios has announced that The Foundation #1 has completely sold out. From the press release:

Released on December 12th, 2007, THE FOUNDATION #1 was overshipped to retailers by 20% and received a steady stream of re-orders. While THE FOUNDATION #1 may still be found at direct market retailers, both publisher BOOM! Studios and distributor Diamond Comics have no more copies in stock.

Foundation #1 cover

“THE FOUNDATION is a great book with a great hook. Who doesn’t want to read about people trying to stop Nostradamus’ predictions? Combined with strong reviews, this sell out comes as no surprise,” said Ross Richie, co-founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios.

Some retailers reported a rise of interest in THE FOUNDATION #1 that coincided with BOOM! Studios’ historic online and in-store simultaneous release of their other series, NORTH WIND, in conjunction with the MySpace Comic Book community.

“I guess what they say is true, a rising tide does lift all ships,” said Chip Mosher, Marketing and Sales Director for BOOM! Studios.

In June of last year, Paramount Pictures preemptively purchased the film rights to THE FOUNDATION. BOOM! Studios is working closely with Diamond Comics Distributor and evaluating the demand for a second printing.

I would hope they do reprint — it’s going to be tough to continue growing interest in the miniseries with future issues if #1 isn’t available. Although maybe we’ll see another online sample available, if reprinting doesn’t make financial sense.

This is great news for Boom!, because it shows that the North Wind sell-out wasn’t a one-time thing, that the increased press they gained from trying something new just might have positive long-term benefits.

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