Book Collecting Contest at UVA

The University of Virginia holds a bi-annual book collecting contest. A winner is selected from among its students to receive $300 and an $895 Rare Book School Scholarship. Their press release elaborates:

“The collection has to have a focus,” said Anne Ribble, executive secretary of the Bibliographical Society. “It can be a focus on a theme, or all books by a certain author, or all books from a press in a particular time.” Entrants must submit a list of the books they have collected, show a depth of knowledge in these works, and write a short essay on the collection’s contents.

Why am I mentioning this? Because the second place winner last time they held the contest was selected for his collection of “Daredevil comics and graphic novels”. Good for him, and good for the judges!

One Response to “Book Collecting Contest at UVA”

  1. Ali Kokmen Says:

    Y’know, I think my college had one of these kinds of contests at some point. I remember learning that a friend of mine had won for his collection of books on political science and theory (his avocation, now his career.) Now I’m thinking that I should’ve entered with my collection of books-about-comics-and-comics-history which was, even back in school, fairly impressive. I coulda been a contender!




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