Tokyopop Dreaming Competition Details Announced

Following up their teaser announcement, Tokyopop has announced details of their Dreaming prose competition (link no longer available).

Aside from cash prizes — one $500 and two $100 prizes will be awarded — there’s the “opportunity to be published by Tokyopop” (no promises):

All winning entries are eligible for: (i) publication in the TOKYOPOP 2008 Pop Fiction Sample book(s) presently scheduled for release in July of 2008, (ii) consideration for commission as a full-length prose adaptation of The Dreaming manga, and (ii) use by TOKYOPOP in its business activities including, but not limited to, marketing and publishing.

Yes, the two 2’s are theirs. The rules are stringent. You must print and mail your entry. No online entries of any kind (which seems kind of retro for a web-announced contest). No artwork can be included. No pen names. And you must sign an entry statement that grants Tokyopop

a worldwide, royalty-free, exclusive right and license, but not an obligation, to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, and display the winning submission and his or her name, address, and other personal information (in whole or in part) in any media now or hereafter known and in perpetuity

In other words, they own it, kids. And your likeness, too, for promoting the contest and the property. This is not surprising, given Tokyopop’s history of supporting young creators in return for large shares of their work.

And I’m quoting this guideline just for the heck of it:

Your entry will be disqualified if it describes blatant or explicit sexual content or grotesque carnage. This means that the judging panel will disqualify your submission if it contains explicit descriptions of nudity, disemboweling, decapitations, dismemberment, or other shockingly repellent behavior or scenes. Insinuations of sexual situations and slaughter are allowed; however, the judges will be extremely critical of gratuitous descriptions and dialogue.

“Insinuations of slaughter”. Isn’t that a lovely phrase?


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