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Paul Pope update: DC has announced that “all orders for the new printings of the HEAVY LIQUID TP and the 100% TP have been cancelled. Instead, these titles will be solicited as hardcover editions, with the HEAVY LIQUID HC scheduled for fall 2008 release, followed by the 100% HC in 2009.” Nice for Pope fans, who will appreciate more permanent bindings; not so much for those who’d like to read more of his work this year.

Random mean thought: Tony Bedard is to DC what Robert Kirkman is to Marvel: mediocre fanboy writers who must be nice guys to work with, based on how they keep getting assignments. Ignore me, I’m bitter that Birds of Prey is never going to be the title it should.

Want a good way to waste a lot of hours? TV Tropes lists standard conventions of storytelling with cute names and LOTS of examples from TV shows, anime, comics, books, and others. They have a terrific sense of humor, too, as they explain the way they work on the page titled TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Don’t know where to start? Try Spikeification.

Marvel must have heard the arguing that’s been done over the awful, muddy coloring of Ultimates 3 #1: their latest gimmick is releasing it again as a black-and-white variant.

Chassis is returning! The press release mentions it previously came out from Image (in 1998), but they neglect to say that before that, it was released by something called Millennium Publications. When I first started going to conventions back when, I would bump into the nice folks behind this girl racer story.

I love The Cutting Edge, a romantic comedy about a prissy figure skater who falls in love with her boorish hockey-playing partner. A while back, they did a direct-to-TV sequel about their supposed kid (although the numbers didn’t work out) who went through a similar encounter (only with a skateboarder that time). It must have done ok because they’ve announced The Cutting Edge 3 for next month on ABC Family. These continuing direct-to-video sequels often wind up being cases of diminishing returns, but I’m mentioning this because I’m intrigued by the plot: in this one, the guy’s the figure skater and the GIRL is the hockey player!

Let’s end with possibly the bitchiest comment I’ve ever made. Remember last year when we had lots of discussion about whether or not I should sell review copies? One of the two books that emailing creator was understandably upset about has been listed since then at around half cover price, and it hasn’t sold. So maybe, with no customer demand, it was a moot point.

Seeing what some graphic novels go for used on Amazon can be really interesting, if you assume pricing accurately reflects supply and demand. (Sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

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  1. James Schee Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Bedard, so can’t comment on his talent level. He does seem to be DC’s ultimate fill-in guy, which is probably why he so quickly landed this gig when Sean McKeever so quickly bailed on the series. Which had to leave some people really scrambling.

    DC’s had a few of these types of departures lately though. It wasn’t announced until the Previews came out that Kurt Busiek was leaving Superman for. Which was made doubly odd as not much prior to that they’d made a huge deal about him bringing in the Chloe character from Smallville show to the comics which got scrapped too.

    I always liked BoP but got behind on it sometime around the first or second Gail storyarc. I peeked at an issue the other day and beyond Babs the characters were unrecognizable. (I’m guessing it isn’t an Oracle/Black Canary teamup book anymore?)

    Cutting Edge 2 was cute, but then I like the lead actress in it who also does the voice to Kim Possible. The third one’s premise sounds intriguing.

  2. Journalista - the news weblog of The Comics Journal » Blog Archive » Feb. 6, 2008: Natchez to New Orleans, livin’ on jacks and queens Says:

    […] “Random mean thought: Tony Bedard is to DC what Robert Kirkman is to Marvel: mediocre fanboy writers who must be nice guys to work with, based on how they keep getting assignments. Ignore me, I’m bitter that Birds of Prey is never going to be the title it should.” – Johanna Draper Carlson […]

  3. Johanna Says:

    For me, Bedard’s stories always sound like they’re going to be better than they are. And yeah, DC seems to be having some issues with plans. Did Chloe never show up in the comics?

    Black Canary got pulled to go into the shared title with Green Arrow.

    The lead in CE2 was Christy Carlson Romano, who will also be in CE3. As the coach, apparently.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Nope, there was an interview with.. Didio I believe that said there were some issues there that forced them to scrap her joining the cast. (which was too bad, as the description of her comic persona sounded fun)

    There wasn’t anything further given on it, though speculation (IE people pulling reasons out of their butts ha ha) have blamed the writer’s strike, or having to pay the actress money for her likeness or Siegals Superboy lawsuit over Smallville to blame.

    Bedard was an edtior at DC at one point too I believe.

  5. Strannik Says:

    I enjoyed Bedard’s work on “Negation,” but since then, his writing has been uneven at best. It doesn’t help that, as it has been pointed out in prior posts, he has become DC’s go to fill-in guy.

  6. Mark Says:

    really looking forward to the new heavy liquid HC.

    I’ve been looking for a copy of that one for ages but they are hard to come by..

    Another good thing is that adhouse seems to bring out a new edition of THB, too :-)

  7. Chris G. Says:

    Shame about Busiek leaving Superman — I enjoyed what little I’d read and was looking forward to reading more. Especially since he was taking a lot of cues from the Schwartz-era run of the books, which is what I grew up on.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Why Pope HCs now all of a sudden? And after I’ve been super careful with the trade paperback versions for so long.

  9. Johanna Says:

    I liked Negation, too, but I was frustrated by how few questions got answered before the series went away.

    Andrew: I have no idea, but my default guess is “money” — they thought they would sell.

  10. Jason Says:

    Excited for the Pope news, but I wish it was coming out tomorrow!

  11. Kelson Says:

    :D I cannot even begin to count the number of hours that I have wasted–er, spent– reading the TV Tropes wiki.

  12. Alan Coil Says:

    Look out, comic book world, Johanna’s kicking butt again!

    Liked The Cutting Edge.

    Yes, you should sell the review copies; why throw them away if you don’t want to keep them?

    Has Tony Bedard been given any assignments that were more than 3 or 4 issues? Seems to me that it would be hard to find a rhythm.

    And stop giving me sites like TV Tropes. I already spend too much time online!

  13. Mark S. Says:

    If you don’t feel comfortable selling review copies, there are a few University libraries that would be glad to have them for their collections. Two purposes get served, as you don’t end up with the clutter and some good will come of them.

    Cutting Edge was a cute movie. “Toe Pick!”

    Bedard is competent. And in today’s personality driven comics marketplace (characters seem to take a back seat to creators), that’s not quite enough it seems. He tells good, but not great stories and he appears to be getting stretched fairly thin what with all the title hopping.

  14. Gail Says:

    I think Tony Bedard is way better than competent, but he was put in a very difficult assignment–writing done-in-one fill-in issues without knowing exactly what was coming before or after. Nevertheless, I thought he did some fine work.

    I believe, now that the book is fully his, he’s going to do a great run. I’m looking forward to it.





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