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Right this minute, Amazon has the Marvel Vault book for just over $20, or 58% off the $50 list price just over $16! That’s a 68% discount. We have one (and KC’s working on a review, which might take a while, given how much there is to go through), and it’s really cool. Roy Thomas and Peter Sanderson tell the history of Marvel, accompanied by reproductions of artifacts. In little plastic pockets reside facsimile Bill Everett sketches, for example, or copies of Marvel Christmas cards or fan group memorabilia or Marvel Stamps (from the comics, not the post office ones). It’s a great deal on a fun coffee table book.

8 Responses to “Marvel Vault Great Deal”

  1. Tim Leong Says:

    I second this. It’s a great book packed with tons of cool tidbits.

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  3. Eric Phipps Says:

    it looks like they have it up for $17 now

  4. Johanna Says:

    Yes, isn’t that amazing? And every time they drop the price, I email for a credit so that my price retroactively becomes the lowest.

  5. Chad Anderson Says:

    E-mail for a credit? Say what? Please to explain.

  6. Johanna Says:

    When you buy from Amazon, if the price drops within thirty days of your purchase, you can email for a refund of the difference. (Here’s their policy.) It’s very simple — I usually just say “Here’s my order number, I paid $X, it’s now $Y, please refund the difference.” Within a day I get back an email confirming it. On this book, I’ve emailed four times and let them do the math.

    There are sites that will watch the prices for you, too, and let you know if the price dropped within that time frame. I use Price Protectr for that.

  7. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Just bought the book and got John Peel’s memoirs to boot. Thanks for the tip.

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