Valentine’s Day: Comic Geek Dating

Happy Valentine’s Day! No special programming for the day here — by the time it comes around, KC and I are usually so disgusted by all the “show your love by buying flowers, dinner, and diamonds” ads that we tell each other we love each other and get on with our lives.

I did very much enjoy reading Chris Butcher’s coverage of a recent comic store attempt at a singles date night. I’m thrilled to hear it went well; there are so many pitfalls in such an event to navigate past.

Apparently the key to events like this is involving the larger community and bringing new faces into the comic book store to pair off with your shoppers. Of course, I think the fact that Atom! referred to his customers as his friends says a lot about the very genuine community-driven motivation behind the event, but he also figured out the key to getting a whole bunch of potential customers to see all that Brave New World had to offer: Local Bands.

“[My biggest surprise was] what a draw local live bands are,” said Atom! “At one point in the evening, just looking over the crowd I guesstimated that it was 50% fans of the band who just came for the music. While we didn’t do huge sales numbers that night, the weekend was huge because for the next couple days, people came back to buy things they had seen that night.

Congratulations to all involved!

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day: Comic Geek Dating”

  1. Pitzer Says:

    I forget where the wife heard it.. (I think she gets a daily email?) but someone suggested you should celebrate VD by giving your pet back some of the unconditional love that they give you.

    So, while we could hop in the car and go to Sonic tonight.. I think we might stay closer to home and possibly go out for some take home pizzabones.

  2. Atom! at Brave New World Says:

    Thanks Johanna!




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