Jane’s World Volume 8

I’m looking at a galley of Jane’s World Volume 8, due out later this month (128 pages, $15 US, Diamond code SEP07 3711). Author Paige Braddock sent me a copy because she used the last paragraph of my review of book six as a pullquote on the back cover. (I’m very flattered.)

Jane’s World Volume 8
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Like book seven, this volume is one lengthy story. Jane, Skye (who has a crush on Jane), Chelle (Jane’s ex-girlfriend), and Jill (Chelle’s current girlfriend) take a small plane to Key West for a vacation. Meanwhile, Dorothy, another woman Jane’s been dating (after a setup by their mothers), doesn’t take well to the “lesbian dream getaway” idea.

There’s drama, action (as the plane hits bad weather), and plenty of good soap opera focused on the characters’ changing emotions. As they share with their friends their feelings and what’s happened, the reader gets caught up on the backstory. Then the plane crashes on an uncharted island, and there’s a bizarre sequence right out of a Warner Bros. cartoon where natives show up and want Jane for a wedding … The sprawling story even guest-stars Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) and has the characters making decisions that surprise even the author.

The loose cartooning is reminiscent of a comic strip, but back in the glory days, where cartoonists had plenty of space. The new Bigfoot at the coffee shop (who might just be a guy with a really big beard) is a hoot. I admit, I don’t really get why everyone keeps falling for plain Jane with so many other, distinctively interesting women around, but maybe that’s part of her charm. (Or wish fulfillment for some of the readers.)

Find out more at the Jane’s World website. The author has explained the delay and provided some sample art at her blog. And a big thank-you to my friend Kristine, whose love of this series made me take another look at it past the early issues and reconsider its strengths and appeal. (A complimentary preview copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)

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  2. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I loved the first Omnibus. I should dive in and get the rest of the books; I was holding out hoping that she’d put out a 2nd Omnibus, but I’m probably asking for too much.

  3. Johanna Says:

    In my experience, she’s very receptive — you might try emailing and asking her plans, or posting a comment on her blog (which is the link above your comment). I got the impression that the Omnibus was in part to match the new, smaller collected format she was using, and I’m not sure books 4 and onward need to be resized.

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