Love and Capes Catchup

I’ve been remiss in not talking about Love and Capes more often, since it’s my favorite superhero book. Although it’s not really a superhero book, not in traditional style — instead, it’s a romantic comedy that happens to feature a superhero, and its pacing shows a strong comic strip influence, with frequent punchlines. It’s cute and funny and touching and well worth reading.

Love and Capes #7 cover

I recommended issue 1 and issue 2, as well as the fourth issue, which came out for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) last year. (I skipped the third issue only because of timing, not because of quality.)

Since then, there’s been two more issues, and #7 is due out for FCBD this year. I encourage you to check it out. You have a bunch of options for catching up with this terrific series: new in stores is a six-pack of all the issues so far, at an $8 discount over buying them individually. The first three issues are available online free at Wowio. There are also lots of samples at the book’s website.

Hey, did you know that there are also “liner notes” to each issue at the website? I didn’t. Plus, artist Thom Zahler has been interviewed at Comic Pants, where he reveals a lot of the series inspirations, which only makes me like it (and him!) more.

8 Responses to “Love and Capes Catchup”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Yes, bad on you for not reminding me!:)

    I love this series but with so much going on, I had no idea that I’d missed 2 issues since the FCBD one!

    No funds currently, but I’l make a point when I get my first check on the new job to order them.

  2. Dan Grendell Says:

    This has been a great book since issue one, and Thom deserves much more attention than he gets. He’s a nice guy in addition to being a talented writer and artist, and I hope the addition of the book to Wowio helps generate more interest.

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  4. Jesse Jackson Says:

    Zahler has done a great job of showing this couple’s romantic journey. The characters are likeable and as a reader you find yourself pulling for the couple. One of the best books on the market!

  5. Torsten Adair Says:

    I met him at Baltimore and budget constraints prevented me from buying more than the first issue.
    If one likes this genre, I recommend Julie Kenner’s Aphrodite series of prose novels.

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