Glyph Comics Awards Nominees Announced

The Glyph Comics Awards Nominees have been announced at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention website. The Fan Award, the only entry fans can vote for, will go to one of:

Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four
JSA Classified #28
New Warriors #1-6
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk
Stormwatch: Post Human Division

(Or a write-in vote, but not much chance of that.) I’m plugging for Stormwatch, which was a great team title that ended too soon. (Go to the above link to vote, after which you can see who’s winning.)

I wish they’d listed the publishers, because some of the nominees sound familiar to me but I’m not 100% sure I’m thinking of the right books, and no time right now to double-check. I’d also like to see images with some of the awards (like Best Cover), and links, of course. I was wondering what qualifies the It Rhymes With Lust reprint for this award until I remembered it was drawn by Matt Baker.

Anyway, good slate of candidates, and a worthwhile list of titles to hunt down if you’re looking for recommendations of comics where diversity is important.

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